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Last updated 08/20/14

Howard Community College To Hire an Hispanic Student Success Advisor

With the increasing numbers of Hispanic/Latino students enrolling at HCC, the college set up a committee last year to review best practices and to develop services to serve Hispanic/Latino students. The college has decided to start a pilot by hiring a part time Hispanic Student Success Completion/Retention Advisor. The job has been officially posted at the Howard Community College website.

Partnership With Freddie Mac

Conexiones is partnering with Freddie Mac to educate Hispanic families on better credit, money management and responsible home ownership. Freddie Mac offers CreditSmart® Consumer Online Training. En Español vea Su crédito, su casa y su futuro.


Annual Hispanic Achievement Awards

On Wednesday May 14, 2014, several hundred people gathered in the auditorium of Long Reach High School to celebrate the accomplishments of 104 soon-to-be high school graduates. These aren't just any students; they are 104 of Howard County's accomplished, intelligent driven Hispanics who have been recognized for their dedication to academics, serving the community and overcoming life obstacles. This year students from each of Howard County's 12 public schools were honored.

See a complete report by Sara Martinez, including the names of all the awardees.

Here also is a slide show from the festivities.


The mission of CONEXIONES is:

  • To ensure that every Hispanic student in Howard County will complete high school and will continue in productive and satisfying directions.
  • To develop partnerships with schools, community organizations, businesses, community leaders and parents to provide comprehensive programs to advance the leadership capabilities and educational achievement of Howard County Hispanic youth.

If you believe in our mission, we encourage you to donate to Conexiones. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization.


Advocacy for Hispanic Students in Howard County

CONEXIONES has been an advocate for changes in policies, practices and personnel of the Howard County Public School System, that improve the performance and educational outcomes for Hispanic students. These efforts directly resulted in the establishment of the Hispanic Achievement Specialist position within the HCPSS and the addition of Hispanic Achievement Liaisons in all schools with a substantial Hispanic population. This approach promises to serve as a national model.

Conexiones Advocacy with the Board of Education

On May 1, 2014, Conexiones met with the Board of Education and leadership of the Howard County Public School System.  At the meeting, Feli Solá-Carter, President, David Rodriguez, Advocacy Chair, and Maryann Maher, Secretary, acknowledged the positive results in the increased graduation rates and decreased dropout rates for Hispanic students in the county.  They stressed the need for continuing and intentional attention to participation of Hispanic students in Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement classes in the STEM field, and appropriate staffing of the Hispanic Achievement Liaison positions commensurate with data based staffing decisions. Please see the Conexiones Presentation here.


We support our mission by providing assistance and support to encourage students to complete high school, consider higher education opportunities and to be successful in their career choices.

Student Clubs

In order to nurture a positive ethnic identity and strengthen a sense of belonging, we support Hispanic youth clubs organized within the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). These clubs build community, celebrate Hispanic heritage, foster academic achievement, and provide leadership experiences.